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Epic gamejam Summer 2018 Submission.

Team Name:

Team Danger

Project Name: 

Can I Keep Him?

Team Members:

  • Daniel Orchard
  • Filipe Magalhaes
  • Ivan Lopez Pinan

Project content was all made during the game-jam with the exception of:

All sound effects and music, Sky Blueprint, Font, Heart and Smoke textures.


TeamDanger_CanIKeepHim.zip 139 MB


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i got 57 at the end! hey wondering if there will more later added tpo the game or the third day is it?
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Hey ! Thanks for playing our game ! You can get up to day 4 or 5 but it gets very hard due to the escalating theme.  The animals wont die but hunger that is too low will detract from happiness , so the most important thing is to house the animals as being homeless is a big drain on their happy meter.

These are all the animals we could cram in to the game we only did it in 2 days not the full 5 so its what we could do, in the future we would consider adding a lot more variety and other mechanics :)  

Also  quick tip to house more animals, you can shift click to place multiple building of the same type !

thanks! that information help alot! and great job! i loved the humor in beginning as well!

This is great


Farmer wobblyfootgamer 'ere, Ey made it to day 3 with 54 carmfy animals a'right.

Thank you my lovelies


Thanks for giving it a try, hope you liked it.